Recruit, Train, Develop

In a Family Entertainment Center, training your staff to maximize sales and exposure of all your products can be a very challenging experience. Our process will ensure your employees will have the tools and training necessary to maximize productivity, sales and the a great guest experience. We focus on three core components…

Recruiting the right people

Your people are your most important asset or worst liability!

Hiring the right people is the most critical operational component in your entire organization. The wrong staff can cause loss of revenue, human resource issues and most importantly, brand erosion in the market. Our team will screen and hire a staff that can understand the necessities of operating a successful operation.

Initial training, follow-up and retraining

Training is a tool. Use it properly and you get results. Use it wrong and it costs you money!

One of the greatest ways to impact sales positively is to correctly train your staff. Our program will ensure your team receives the best tools available to drive your business forward daily.

Staff Development

If an unexpected issue arises and your general manager has to take an extended leave from work, what do you do? If your bartender calls off and you have no other bartenders to cover for a busy night, does the guest suffer? Don’t worry…our program of continued staff development will help tie all the loose ends in your organization and create multi-tasking superstars so your guest or business will never suffer the consequences of unfortunate scenarios.

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