Management Contracts and Sales Oversight

Depending on your position in life, the knowledge base of you and your team or the operational efficiency of the business, you may be inclined to engage in a management contract. This opportunity offers various levels of performance directed to your needs and the needs of the business.

Facility Management Contracts – Looking to diversify but don’t want to deal with the day to day hassle of operating your center? We can help! Our facility management contract gives ease of mind and protection to your assets. Turfway offers many levels of engagement including employment ownership by TEMG allowing our experience and knowledge to be applied to daily operations with our own staff. This allows for higher revenues, lower operating costs and general liability protection.

Management Alignment Plan – Maybe you are open and operating but you see daily challenges in your team or business that you do not know how to address. Call Turfway for our Management Alignment Plan. Our M.A.P. will guide you and your team to success!

  • Weekly one on ones with key management
  • Weekly one on ones with sales staff
  • Weekly one on ones with ownership
  • Quarterly On-sight Brand Assurance Plan with Facility Core Review.

Focus on brand relevance and sustainability to insure maximum revenues and profitability

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