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Guest service – the number one ingredient to success in your FEC

A little fun this election? 🙂

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No question is a dumb question…call today!

How many times do we take our staff for granted? This is a simple quote but speaks volumes to the reality of how important your staff can be to the business. You can have the best games, attractions, food and beverage BUT without a well trained sales and hospitality focused front line staff to take care of your customers, your business may be in serious jeopardy!


Ask your management to describe your worst employee


That’s your standard!

Yes. As funny as it may be in identifying an employee for bad behaviors, you set that standard!

Impression is EVERYTHING!

Don’t let your hard work and money go down the drain on poorly trained employees and standards…..


Managing your FEC through Sensory Appeal

Believe it or not, in family entertainment centers, EVERYTHING MATTERS! From the physical look, to food and beverage offering, the right well-maintained attractions, correct pricing and appropriately trained staff, they all play an important and equal parts in your success! Once this is understood and you offer an equal representation in sensory appeal in each area of the facility, you will find success quickly….A few examples:

1) Comfortable and enough seating for adults – Even if you have a children’s play place, the correct seating is a necessity for a longer visit.

2) Food and beverage offering – Today’s society expects more! Families go out to each 4-5 times a week but only go our for entertainment once. The combination of good food and entertainment offers a greater appeal to your guests which will offer repeat visits more often.

3) Easily accessable WIFI – Many businesses have it but connecting or finding someone with the right password is nothing but a hassle. An open WIFI signal will allow parents to connect and work and/or browse at their leisure.

4) Appeal aesthetically for adults in some areas. Food, beverage, seating, design all are significant for return visits.

5) TRAINED STAFF – You can have the best product in the world but with incorrect staffing or training, you are limiting your ability to sell it!

6) Set up for success – You are on stage from the time you open until you close. Have all rooms set up and maintained with the expectation of a $10,000+ party is walking through the door at any moment!

7) Sound/Lighting – Appropriate lighting and sound is essential to create an energetic mood. Having music up too loud during the day is as unappealing as too many games on attract mode. Creating and maintaining the right program with adults in mind will assist in a longer stay.

8) Declutter the Clutter – Everyone has it. Many don’t see it. A continued day to day operation most times results in patches of unrealized clutter which is a sign of unorganization. New staff and guests both pick up on it quickly and adjust their standards and expectations accordingly.

9) Pricing – Would YOU pay for what you offer? Are you inline with your guest’s expectations?


Where Do We Go From Here?

WE CAN HELP!From Concept Creation assitance to correcting opportunities within your current business, we are here to assist you in keeping your hard earned money where it belongs….In YOUR pocket!


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