Minimize Risk

Know You’re Doing it Right

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Launching or Running Your FEC Should Be Fun—and Profitable

But here’s the problem…

  • Do you have the right food and beverage program?
  • Are you making the right decisions for your business?
  • Are you having trouble getting financing?
  • Are you sure you have the right location and building size?
  • Do you have the right attractions?
  • Are you negotiating front-end contracts properly?
  • Do you have the right concept for your FEC or restaurant?
  • Is hiring and training staff a struggle?

How We Can Help

Feasibility Studies

Engaging in a new business starts here. A third-party opinion is essential (and in many cases, for financing, required) to ensure your business will be healthy and have long-term prosperity. Location, demographics, competition, and pricing all play significant parts in determining the success of your operation.

new concept for social venue

Concept Creation + Development

Choosing the correct concept, design, and layout enhances your overall brand in the marketplace, an essential component for long-term guest retention. Our experts will assist in creative consultation, logo design, and graphic integration.

Optimize Under-Performing FECs, Bars, and Restaurants

Competition is fierce in today’s environment and staying relevant is essential for the overall sustainability of your brand. To ensure you have the best path forward in today’s world, ask for a Heath Check-Up! Our health check offers a confidential detailed analysis of your business with an action plan to stay on top!

Food and Beverage Programs

The correct food and beverage program is essential to sustaining a solid brand. The incorrect program can cause irreparable harm to your operation!

Recruit, Train, and Develop Talent

In a Family Entertainment Center, training your staff to maximize sales and exposure of all your products can be a very challenging experience. Our process will ensure your employees will have the tools and training necessary to maximize productivity, sales and the a great guest experience.

Modernization Projects

Are you looking to modernize your facility? Now is the time! Turfway Entertainment has all the right tools to successfully adapt your facility and staff to a new and exciting facility.

Don’t know how to start your project? Get a free, zero-obligation consultation from an industry expert.

Why Us?

We have the tools

From AutoCAD to Project Management Tools, we have everything you need to keep everything on track.

Experience and Expertise

With over 90 successful projects around North America under our belt, you’re in good hands.

Competitive Pricing

Price is what you pay, but the value is what you get.

Guaranteed Results

We’re so confident that our work gives you the best chances of success.

60 Years Experience

We’ve been around the industry for a long time and keep up with the latest trends.

Great Support

You’ll always be able to reach someone and get the help you need.

From Concept to Reality

At Turfway Entertainment, we believe that every entertainment venue should be unique. That’s why we don’t use cookie-cutter designs. We create concepts that stand out with a deep understanding of your target audience, market, and competition.

We work with you to understand your vision and bring it to life with our innovative designs. From start to finish, we’ll make sure your venue is one that your guests will never forget.

When Shangri-La decided to include an Arcade/FEC into the planned Activity Center design, a steep learning curve was encountered.  To our good fortune, we were introduced to Dave Wallace and the Turfway Entertainment team.  The industry insight, accessibility to critical industry elements and expertise was amazing to witness.  Without his guidance, we would have made multiple critical errors, a few of which would have been cost preventative to correct after launch.  With the guidance provided, our project known as The Anchor at Shangri-La has been an outrageous success, with revenues over double our budgeted expectations.  We are ever so grateful to Dave and team for being a key part of the success we are experiencing! 

Shangri-la Resort

Gamechangers! Turfway is the very best at what they do, and I would recommend them to anyone in the entertainment business! Turfway Entertainment did a complete analysis of our business and provided us with a very detailed snapshot of the changes we needed to make to be successful and reach our maximum potential. Turfway not only identified missed opportunities, but also provided a detailed plan on how to correct issues to help maximize our profitability and make our lives easier. Whether you’re a prospective new business or an existing business looking to increase your competitive advantage, Turfway can help you succeed. They were always available to answer questions and have a huge portfolio of industry experts. Since we implemented their recommended changes, we have seen very positive results and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Tenn Pin Alley

Dave guided me through the entire process.  I knew the movie business, not the FEC business.  His advice was vital during the construction and vendor phases.  He was just a text or phone call away and was always available.  Once the FEC was built I hired the Turfway team to help us train the staff and be onsite for opening week.  So glad I did that otherwise, we would have made a lot of mistakes.  I know we saved money by hiring Dave and his team. I suggest you do the same.

Smitty's Gamelab

His knowledge of the industry helped to fast-track certain issues and his access to key people helped to avoid a lot of stress and misinformation.  Finally, Turfway’s overall approach to helping businesses navigate the complexities of such an undertaking was instrumental to my success and I could not have asked for a better partnership.

Stratosphere Social

Dave and the team at Turfway were awesome to work with. The knowledge and systems they brought to our facility more than paid for their services before we even opened our doors. You don’t know what you don’t know. So hire someone that knows. Highly recommend.

Big Play Biloxi

Great company to work with. I highly recommend going with a professional company to tell you what to do or you will end up paying multiple times that amount on learning it yours self. And if they tell you they don’t recommend a salad bar then don’t do it and be stubborn like Mike because he ends up taking it out 2 years later.

Playzone Toledo

We have always been extremely impressed when working with Dave and Turfway Entertainment. For any partners we work with, it’s important to know they have the client’s best interests in mind and are able to get results. Dave’s experience and expertise puts his clients in an amazing position to succeed.

With over 60 combined experience in the industry, we aren’t just building successful FECs, we are building dreams.

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